General Questions

What’s a Dog Bar?

A dog bar is a clean, monitored and gated dog park that serves coffee and breakfast items in the morning and beer, wine, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and lunch items in the afternoon and evening. We also serve dog treats like doggy ice-cream, pupsicles, etc.

Are you serious? DOGS BEER COFFEE? I wish I thought of this!

You got it! We know, it’s the happiest coffee shop and bar in the universe!

What do you mean by clean and monitored?

All dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations.
Our “Bark Rangers” monitor for any aggressive dogs.
We sanitize all surfaces regularly. Kiss dirty dog parks goodbye!
Yes, we pick up after your dog, rinse down surfaces and disinfect constantly.

Can I come to Bark Social without a dog?

Of course! We love dog enthusiasts, not just dog owners! We have great food, coffee, craft beer, wine, and entertainment. Humans are ALWAYS FREE. However, if you’re not a dog person, this probably isn’t the place for you!

Where are you located?

Our Bethesda location is at the Pike & Rose development. Our address is 935 Prose Street, North Bethesda, MD 20852. Parking Garages within Pike & Rose are free for the first 2 hours.

Our Baltimore location is in Canton next to Sprouts. Our address is 3822 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21224. Parking is free.

What’s the space like?

We have plenty of open dog park and play area! In addition to an outdoor park, we have covered space to keep our two-legged friends comfortable. This includes an open-air covered patio area in addition to a climate-controlled Clubhouse to keep everyone comfortable during extremely hot or cold days.

What time do you open?

We open at 8am. We offer a full selection of coffee and espresso drinks as well as breakfast items. Grab a great cup of joe and start your day while your dog gets their morning run in while you relax or log-on.

What time do you close?

We close at 10pm Sunday through Thursday and 11pm Friday and Saturday.

Do you open when it rains/snows? 

YES! We are open rain or shine. With our large covered patio and climate controlled clubhouse you will be out of the rain/snow. Since most dogs don't mind running around in the rain/snow, they’re free to roam. We offer free towels for you to dry them with afterwards. For dogs (and humans) that don't like the rain, they can hang out and even run around a bit under the covered patio or in our clubhouse. In the winter, we have infrared heaters and walls around the covered patio.

Do humans have to pay to enter?

NO! Humans are free to enter. Dogs need a membership or a guest pass to enter, not humans. We will ask you to complete a short form and sign a waiver at the Check-In Desk prior to entering.

Do you have WiFi and TVs?

YES and YES! Work from home? Freelancers? Self-employed? Stay at home parents? Fun-employed? Company event? We’ve got you covered with WiFi and TVs if you need to need to be connected, stay up on current events or watch your favorite team.

Do you offer food?

YES! Some of our most popular menu items are our Bavarian soft pretzels, pizza, and crispy chicken tenders, and we've got a wide range of tasty local eats!

Can I bring outside food or drink with me?

No outside food or drinks are permitted in Bark Social. All food (human and dog) served at Bark Social is nontoxic to dogs.

Can I bring my kids?

YES! We welcome kids any day we're open, until 8pm. All children under the age of 21 must exit the premises at or before 8pm. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Anyone under the age of 21 must be under strict adult supervision at all times. Maximum of 2 dependents total per person: 1 dog and 1 kid, or 2 dogs, or 2 kids.

Can I host an event at Bark Social?

YES! Doggy birthday, corporate event, work yappy hour, fundraiser, human birthday…anything plus dogs equals a great time! Check out our Events page for more details and to book your event.

Do you have any discounts or special offers?

Yes! We have weekly specials you can see on our events page. Veterans and active military get 10% off their tab, always (cannot be combined with other offers). All Frontline Workers, Teachers, Federal Government Employees, and Active Duty Military and Veterans receive $20 off their Annual Membership. And we share exclusive offers with our email subscribers - sign up now!

Dog Questions

Do I need to provide vet records if I’m purchasing a daily pass?

You have two options:

  1. Register your dog, upload vaccine and spay/neuter records, and sign waiver prior to visiting. Please note: Your dog must be neutered/spayed if they are over a year old. (Recommended)
  2. Bring all your vaccine and spay/neuter records or digital copies upon your first visit. (Please note if you do this option, it will take some time to fill out the information. We strongly encourage you to register and upload all of your records prior to coming.)

All dogs must be current on vaccinations (Distemper (DHPP/DHLPP/Da2PP) and Rabies). We do not require the bordetella vaccine, but we strongly recommend it. All dogs over one year old must be spayed or neutered.

Are the dogs supervised while in the park?

YES, we have trained Bark Rangers. Their job is to supervise the park, however we do expect owners to watch their dogs at all times.

How old do dogs have to be to visit the park?

Dogs must be at least 16 weeks (4 months) old and current on all vaccinations in order to enter Bark Social — that is the minimum age when their immune systems are sufficiently developed to be safe in an off-leash environment.

Do you have breed restrictions?

No. All well-socialized and vaccinated dogs over 4 months are welcome at Bark Social.

Do dogs have to be spayed or neutered to visit the park?

Yes, all pets over a year old must be spayed or neutered. No exceptions.

Can my dogs be on-leash at all?

No, due to leash aggression, all dogs that enter must be off-leash.

Are dogs with muzzles allowed?

Unfortunately, we do not allow dogs with muzzles into the park.

Can I bring a spray bottle in for training/obedience purposes?

No, we do not allow spray bottles or other items used for obedience training. This is to ensure all dogs and owners are safe, and not to cause any inadvertent issues with dogs or their owners.

Can I leave my dog with you and come back later?

You must remain at Bark Social while your dog is in the park. Your dog will have a great time playing in the park, supervised by our professional staff of Bark Rangers, while you grab a drink or a bite to eat, watch a game or get some work done on your laptop.

Do you have a separate park for small dogs?

YES, we have a separate area for dogs under 30 lbs. Small dogs are welcome to visit the main play area if they are comfortable around large dogs.

What are the rules of the park?

Do you sell dog products?

YOU BET! No more shopping at a big box pet store. We have a full line of our locally sourced dog treats/chews, handmade leashes, collars, dog toys, pupcakes, pupsicles and puppy ice cream, and great gear for our two-legged customers as well.

Do you support any charities?

YES! We believe in doing the right thing and giving back to the community. Check out our charitable partners. On our Events page, you can see when we’re having our next fundraiser or adoption event. Learn about Frankie Cares and contact us if you'd like to hold a charity event at our location.

Membership Questions

What do I get with my Bark Social Club membership?

As a Bark Social Club Member, you can bring your dog(s) into our fully staffed, off-leash dog park as often as you please. In addition, you'll receive over $1,500 in perks from a shopping spree at our retail store (annual members only), discounts with our premium partners, 50% off our ticketed events, and more!

Can I buy a Day Pass online?

No. Day Passes are only available in person, day of entry. However, you can register your pup online before your visit for a faster entry.

Why is there a membership?

Membership allows us to create a true community of responsible dog lovers, by making sure all our pups are properly socialized, vaccinated, and ensuring a fun environment for everyone.

How much does a membership cost?

We have several membership options.

Does my membership work at any Bark Social location?

Yes, you can use your club membership at any Bark Social location. Daily passes are specific to a location.

Can I add family members to my Bark Social account so they can also bring our dog?

Day Pass and Monthly Pass Holders can add one additional family member age 21+, as long as they have legal rights to act for the dog in case of an incident.

Social Club Members can add two additional family members age 21+, as long as they have legal rights to act for the dog in case of an incident

What if I regularly foster, board or dog-sit? Can I bring these dogs?

Please email us for more details.

If I buy a Bark Social Club Membership, will it automatically renew?

Yes. We will retain your credit card number on file (securely) and automatically charge it on the cycle of your membership (monthly for monthly passes, and annually for Bark Social Club members.

Do you accept titer tests?

Yes, if you can supply a recent titer test (within 3 months) showing that your dog has the appropriate level of immunity, we will accept that in lieu of a vaccination.

This is awesome. Where do I sign up?

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