Park Rules

Ready to join us at Bark Social?

If this sounds like the perfect place for you and your owner, we'd say it's about time you come on board!

But before you do, be sure to become familiar with the rules that all of our members must follow.

While we are so excited to see all the dogs and dog parents that are going to be part of the Bark Social family, we can only maintain this unique, fun experience if everyone takes care of each other by following these simple rules:

Rules for Entry

All dogs must have a single day pass, monthly or annual membership to be allowed on the premises

All dogs must be at least four months of age.

All dogs must be current on vaccinations. Please upload vaccination records online via the Membership Portal prior to arrival. We require current Rabies and Distemper (DHPP, DHLPP, DA2PP) vaccinations. In our Alexandria location we also require the Bordetella vaccine. Dogs with contagious health conditions are not permitted in the park. All dogs must be flea and tick free.

All dogs over a year old must be spayed or neutered. No exceptions. No dogs in heat.

All dogs must be off-leash at all times in the park.

Two dogs maximum per person.

Only flat-buckle collars or harnesses should be worn by dogs. Prong, pinch, choke, chain, and electric collars are not allowed in the park.

Dogs are only allowed in with the primary and secondary owners listed on your profile. We will check IDs at the door. Absolutely no dog services allowed to bring your pup in: dog walkers, dog trainers, dog sitters, etc.

Only legal owners can bring their dogs in. If you are looking to bring in a foster dog, please email to see if your rescue is a Bark Social partner. If not, you will not be allowed to bring in your foster dog until your foster is a registered partner. 

By entering the yard, you permit Bark Social staff (Bark Rangers) to handle your dog and break up any fights that may ensue.

Rules for Dogs

Aggressive behavior If we observe aggressive behavior, we reserve the right to:
· Reposition the dog within the park
· Placed in time-out
· Ask you and your dog to leave the premises

Dog fights If dog fights occur, each owner should grab their respective dog by the nape and pull them away from the other dog(s) involved and reposition them until they calm down. Please note, no method is perfect and the risks are still present.

No bullies   Dogs inherently play “rough.” However, rough play is not accepted if the one or more of the dogs aren't comfortable with the situation. If a dog is deemed to “bully” another dog, the owner will be asked to place their dog in “time-out.” Mounting is also discouraged.

Dogs must be on leash when exiting the Dog Park.

Rules for People

Bark Social is non-smoking both inside and out. Second-hand smoke and cigarette butts are hazardous to dogs.

No outside food, outside drinks, glass containers, dog toys, or treats are permitted. We do encourage bringing your own empty coffee mug or water bottle (free filtered water provided)!

While Bark Rangers are present to watch the dogs and pick up waste, we ask that you pick up after your dog if a Bark Ranger is occupied in another section of the park.

At no point can you leave the property without your dog. This may result in revocation of membership.

Although Bark Rangers are available in the park to help supervise your dog, they are not intended to be the sole monitor. Make sure you are checking on your dog(s) periodically if you are not in the yard.

All children must be under strict adult supervision at all times. Children may not climb on play equipment, run in the park, or tease/taunt dogs. All children under the age of 21 must exit the premises at or before 8pm. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. Anyone under the age of 21 must be under strict adult supervision at all times. Maximum of 2 "dependents" total - 1 kid and 1 dog, 2 dogs and no kids, or 2 kids and no dogs.

Members must either retain possession of their leashes or utilize leash racks. Bark Social is not responsible for lost leashes; however we will do what we can to help you find them.

Members are responsible to ensure their dog(s) do not dig holes or cause other damage to park plants or property. If digging ensues after actions are taken to stop the activity, the dog may need to be fully supervised by the owner.

Bark Social management staff has the right to refuse service to any guest for any reason.

Please open only one gate at a time, and be careful not to allow other dogs to enter or exit with you.

If a human guest is intoxicated and unable to walk (with a dog) in a straight line, they will be sent home in a taxi or Uber.

Bark Social is not responsible for any injury, illness, or damage caused on our premises, and all human guests must be responsible for their dogs. If your dog causes any damage to a person or property by nipping, biting, or otherwise, you are responsible!

Failure to comply with the above Rules and Regulations could result in revocation of membership.

Remember that these rules are in place to help everyone have as much fun as possible! We look forward to seeing you!