Wooferral Pawgram

At Bark Social, we’re all about connections: dogs are happier when they interact with other dogs and people. And people are happier when they spend more time with their dog and their friends. In order to continue building our wonderful community of dog lovers, we’d like to introduce you to our “Wooferral Pawgram” (or as humans would say, “Referral Program”).

How it Works:

  • Existing Members tell a neighbor or friend about Bark Social
  • Once their friend signs up using the “Referral Offer” at checkout (and includes the referrer's name), they will receive $70 off their annual membership ($294.99)
  • Upon registration, the referrer will receive an email with a $50 credit to our online store

Annual Membership

Referral Special
$365 $29499/year

+$50 to the referrer for each friend that joins

Save $185 compared to monthly members - that's like getting 5 months free!

Unlimited and prioritized access to Bark Social for an entire year

Bark Rangers clean up after your dog and ensure safe play

Exclusive/early access to events and promotions

Self-serve dog washes discounted from $15 to $10

10% off dog products and merchandise in-location and online

Bark Social Welcome Kit (See below)

Second Dog Membership: $119.99/year

Monthly Membership


Unlimited access to Bark Social for 1 month

Bark Rangers clean up after your dog and ensure safe play

Second Dog Membership: $12.99/month

Become a part of the Bark Social Family!

Being a member is great! You’ll be part of an exclusive community of dog lovers. You’ll know you and your pup are enjoying the great outdoors in a SAFE, CLEAN and MONITORED dog park. Additionally, you get unlimited entry year-round to the ONLY Dog Bar in the Mid-Atlantic. Finally, we have a number of perks for annual members and will continue to offer exclusive deals and events in the future.

FREE Bark Social Welcome Kit

All Founding Members will receive a free "Bark Social Welcome Kit" that includes a Bark Social Bandana, Tote Bag, Sweet Potato Dog Treats, and Dog Shampoo. The Bark Social Welcome Kit has a retail value of $41.

Membership Questions

Why is there a membership?

Membership allows us to create a true community of responsible dog lovers, by making sure all our pups are properly socialized, vaccinated, and ensuring a fun, safe environment for everyone.

How much does a membership cost?

We have a special right here on this page. Annual memberships will auto-renew 1 year post grand opening date at normal member price.

What do I get with my Bark Social Membership?

As a Bark Social Member, you can bring your dog(s) into our fully staffed, off-leash dog park as often as you please. In addition, annual members will receive discounts at our retail store and a discount on self-serve dog baths.

I have a friend with a dog; can they bring their dog to the park if I'm a member?

Yes. We sell guest Day Passes for $9.99.

What if I regularly foster, board or dog-sit? Can I bring these dogs?

Please email us for more details.

Will you accept a titer test in lieu of a current vaccination?

Yes, if you can supply a recent titer test (within 3 months) showing that your dog has the appropriate level of immunity, we will accept that in lieu of a vaccination.

If I sign up as a monthly member, will my credit card automatically be charged every month?

Yes. We will retain your credit card number on file (securely) and automatically charge it on a monthly basis.

This is awesome. Where do I sign up?

Join today