Bark Social Club

Wooferral Pawgram

(Or "Referral Program")

At Bark Social, we’re all about connections: dogs are happier when they interact with other dogs and people. And people are happier when they spend more time with their dog and their friends. In order to continue building our wonderful community of dog lovers, we’d like to introduce you to our “Wooferral Pawgram” (or as humans would say, “Referral Program”).

How It Works

  • When you sign up using the "Referral Offer" at checkout (and include your friend's name), you will receive $40 off your annual membership, along with all of the other amazing perks (unlimited entry, VIP events, Welcome Kit, etc.)
  • After you join, your friend who referred you will receive an email with a $50 credit to our online store, along with a month of free dog washes!

Join the first ever social club for dogs and dog lovers.

Our members enjoy $1,500 in savings and perks and receive a $50 shopping spree at our retail store on their first day as a Bark Social club member.



We have partnered with premier brands like Ollie, Gratetul Pizza, Fletch, and Teletails to provide our members with substantial savings and access to exclusive products.



Our members have access to hourly dog sitting,* receive 2 free day passes for friends, and get discounts for dog baths and private parties.

*Dogsitting only currently available in Bethesda



Our members receive a $50 shopping spree upon joining, and 10% off all future merch. Members also receive up to 50% off all event tickets.

Bark Social Club



Join the Bark Social Club for $364.99/year to enjoy over $1,500 in savings and perks!

What Our Members Are Saying

How To Join

  1. Register yourself and your dog in our Member Portal.
  2. Subscribe to an Annual Membership under Shop -> Subscriptions (check out the animation for what that looks like).
  3. Start enjoying all the benefits of your Club membership!


We offer monthly and day passes too!

Both monthly and day passes give you unlimited access to the park for that month/day!

Bark Social 1 Month Pass


$19.99/second dog

To purchase a monthly pass, simply register and follow the "How To Join" steps above, but select a Monthly Pass instead of an Annual Membership.

Bark Social 1 Day Pass


$4.99/second dog

Day Passes are only available for purchase in person.


...before you come to the park for easy check-in!

All dogs must be up to date on distemper and rabies vaccinations and be spayed or neutered if they are over a year old.

Membership FAQ

Will my membership get me into both locations?

Yes, all members can use their membership at all Bark Social locations.

What if I have two dogs?

No problem! A second dog membership is $182.49.

Is there a special for frontline workers/teachers/military etc?

Yes! We’re taking an additional $20 off the Founding Member Special for frontline workers, teachers, active duty military and veterans, and government employees.

Help! I have a question that isn't answered here.

We're happy to help! Check our full FAQ page first, and if you don't find the answer there, contact us at

This is awesome. Where do I sign up?