Dog Sitting At Bark Social

Did you know we offer Dog Sitting for all of our Bark Social Members (Club & Monthly)? If you're looking to run a few errands, get some work done, head to the gym for a few hours, or just need some alone time without your pup (we know it can happen!), use our Dog Sitting service for up to 4 hours of play and fun! This is available at all 3 parks!

Here's how to get started:

1. Book your 2-hour trial through your member portal

2. Sign our waiver

3. Schedule your first full session of pup play time!

The Details

Dog Sitting is available Mon-Thurs, 8am-9pm and Friday, 8am-4pm, and it is first-come first-served through your member portal. Cost is $10/hour for up to 4 hours. Once you request your time, please allow us 24 hours to approve your scheduled time.

Dog Sitting FAQ

Why is this perk only offered to Bark Social Club Members? 

Our Bark Social Club Members pay a premium to enjoy unlimited access to the park 24/7, 365 while also taking advantage of some members-only perks. Dog Sitting is one of those perks. If you are interested in Dog Sitting, please upgrade your membership to Annual here or become a Bark Social Club Member here.

How can I make sure my pup is safe when I leave them there for hours at a time?

Our number one priority is safety. We have a gate at the entrance and exit where pups cannot leave unless they are leaving with their owner. All dogs that are at the park unattended will be clearly marked for our Bark Rangers so they will make sure they are enjoying their time and running off all that energy. But dogs are dogs and things can happen! As stated in our waiver, owners who partake in dogsitting MUST keep their phones on at ALL TIMES and be able to come to Bark Social immediately in case of an emergency.

How will you know the dogs that are there for Dog Sitting vs the dogs that are visiting with their family?

All dogs that are at the park without their owner will have a band attached to their collar, so it's super clear to the Bark Ranger that their owner is not at the park. If a dog who is part of the dogsitting program needs a time out, we have dedicated, separated areas to place them in until they have calmed down. If our Bark Ranger feels a dog is not suited for dogsitting, we will call the owner to come pick the dog up.

Can we contact the check-in staff for hourly updates?

While our check-in staff are on call for emergencies, they are not on call for updates as they are not watching the dogs in the park. We offer this perk for convenience, but at the end of the day we have a 4 hour maximum and are not offering full daycare.

What if there is an emergency with my dog while I am not there?

If there is an emergency, one of our team members will reach out as soon as the emergency happens. As stated in our waiver, owners who partake in dogsitting MUST keep their phones on at ALL TIMES and be able to come to Bark Social immediately in case of an emergency.

Isn't it too chaotic to add Dog Sitting? How can I make sure my dog will be safe?

We are only offering Dog Sitting Monday-Thursday, 8am-9pm and Friday, 8am-4pm at our Bethesda location. This is our slowest time, so our team members will be more than fine to handle your pups. We only allow 10 pups per hour to book Dog Sitting, and it is first-come first-served, so our Bark Rangers won’t be at capacity. Safety is our number one concern.

Why is my local doggy daycare cheaper than Bark Social Dog Sitting?

We do not offer Doggy Daycare -- we offer Dog Sitting, which is meant to be short term and for the sake of convenience. If you are heading out to run errands, have a day date, or just want to get the pup out of the house while you have friends over so they can burn some energy, we offer that convenience to our members. Don’t have time to make a reservation? Just head straight to the park and if there is availability and your dog has completed his/her 2-hour trial, we will be glad to accommodate you!

This is awesome. Where do I sign up?

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