Unleash Joy at Bark Social's Day Camp

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Welcome! We provide a safe and engaging daytime environment for your furry friends to socialize and exercise.

Outside and Inside

Your dog will have the opportunity to spend their time inside and outside at Bark Social. Your dog deserves fresh air & sunshine; it makes them happy! Our indoor A/C space is available to your dog whenever they want. They will also be safe from extreme heat or when severe weather hits.

Bark Ranger Care and Supervision

The Bark Rangers that you already know and love will be there taking care of your dog. We will be adding additional Bark Rangers to ensure a safe play space for your furry friend.

Free Drip Coffee and BOGO Apps

Let’s not forget about why you love Bark Social in the first place. So snag a free drip coffee on your way in the door and when you pick your pup up get BOGO appetizers when you pick them up.


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Day Camp Schedule

Time Activity

Any time after 7:00 AM

Drop Your Dog Off

7:00 AM

Open Play

11:30 AM

Feeding Time

12:00 PM

Nap Time

2:00 PM

Open Play

Any time before 7:00 PM

Pick Your Dog Up ($25 Late Fee After 7:15)

Day Camp Pricing

Member Pricing

$40/Day for Members

5 Pack for 15% Off/Month - $170 ($30 Off)

10 Pack for 20% Off/Month - $320 ($80 Off)

Unlimited for 25% Off/Month - $600 ($200 Off)

Second Dog for $10/Off per Day (Multi-pack doesn't apply)

Non-Member Pricing

$46/Day for Non-Members

5 Pack (15% Off) - $194

10 Pack (20% Off) - $368

Unlimited (25% Off) - $690

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Day Camp FAQ

Who can sign up for day camp?

Bark Social Day Camp is open to Bark Social members and non-members. All of our normal rules apply – they have to be at least 4 months old, be spayed or neutered if they are over a year old, and have up to date vaccinations on rabies and distemper.

What are the hours?

Drop off begins at 7am. You can drop your dog off at any time after that! Please pick your dog up by 7pm. We will have a 15 minute grace period, but after that, there will be a $25 late charge.

Who can pick up and drop my dog off?

Your second or third owners listed on your account are allowed to pick up and drop off your dog. We will ID at the door for the safety of your dog, so please make sure to update your profile accordingly.

Do I need to bring my own food for my dog?

Yes! Every morning you drop your dog off, please bring their food in a clear plastic bag or container clearly labeled with your dog’s name. Remember - we only feed your dog ONCE during camp around 11:30 am, so please portion accordingly. To ensure your dog doesn’t have any tummy issues, we will not be feeding any food to your dog that isn’t brought by you. No treats either, so no need to worry about allergies.

How much do discount packs cost?

Each of our packs are good for a month from the date of purchase. 5 packs = $170 (15% off), 10 packs = $320 (20% off), and unlimited packs are $600.

Are there discounts for multiple dogs?

If you purchase packs, there are no additional discounts for multiple dogs. If you book one day at a time, there is a $10 discount for the second dog.  

How do we book in advance and what is the capacity?

We are capping our daily campers at 15 dogs per day to start. You will book through your member portal. We will open our books on May 17th, and our system is first come first serve. If the date is grayed out, that means we are full for that day.

Where will my dog be napping?

We have different size crates for different size dogs in the clubhouse! Your dog will take their nap in their individual crates in the clubhouse for two hours. We do not use any bedding for sanitary and safety reasons. They will be supervised the entire time they are at camp, even during nap time.

Where will my dog be eating?

At 11:30 AM, our team will put clean food and dog bowls in each of their crates and fill them with fresh water and the pre-portioned food you brought that morning. Then, we will take one dog at a time into the clubhouse and put them into their individual crates for lunch. This eliminates any chance of food aggression

Where do the dogs go for timeout or if they need a break?

Much like normal Bark Social play, we have our retail area, our small dog area, and our clubhouse to separate the dogs if they need a break. With the addition of day camp, we will also have crates where we can have them stay in for 10-15 minutes to calm down if necessary. Crates will always be in air conditioned spaces, so they will be comfortable.

Will you have more staff than usual to accommodate the day camp dogs?

Absolutely! We are staffing up to accommodate the campers -- so get ready for your dog to make their new human besties.

What happens if there is an incident?

We will follow our normal Bark Social incident protocol – if there is an incident between two dogs, we will write up an incident report and review it with you when you pick them up. We will separate the dogs and put dogs in crates as needed, depending on the severity of the incident.

How do you make sure no one walks out with my dog?

Each camper will have a special tag on their collars, and you will walk away with the same tag when you drop them off. To pick them up, you will need to give back your copy of the tag, and we will take the special tag off your dog’s collar. Dogs with purple tags cannot leave the parks.

Help! I have a question that isn't answered here.

We're happy to help! Contact us at info@barksocial.com.