SoBotanical x Bark Social Collab: Aromatic Mist for Pups & People


SoBotanical is a nationally recognized Baltimore based apothecary. SoBo is dedicated to using natural, organic, and renewable ingredients in their products and packaging. All of SoBo's ingredients are cruelty free and they pledge that none of their products are tested on animals.


Keep your pooch's palace fresh with this all natural essential oil based air freshener. Bulgarian Lavender and Italian Lemon freshen the air, furniture and bed linens (your sheets as well as pup's bed) . Essential oils in this product are dog friendly and at a safe dilution rate when used as directed.

Aloe Vera Juice - 69.00%

Grain Alcohol - 3.00%

Bulgarian Lavender - 4.00%

Lemon - 4.00%

Made in the USA

Everything here is either made in America or printed here in the US. 

Local Suppliers

We prioritize local suppliers. If we can’t find a local supplier, we find the best in the USA.

Support Charities

We’re social entrepreneurs. We donate some proceeds to charitable partners.

Support Small Businesses

100% of the products we sell on our site are purchased from small businesses.