SoBotanical x Bark Social Collab: Hot Spot Spray


SoBotanical is a nationally recognized Baltimore based apothecary. SoBo is dedicated to using natural, organic, and renewable ingredients in their products and packaging. All of SoBo's ingredients are cruelty free and they pledge that none of their products are tested on animals.


A Hot Spot is an area of irritation often caused by an allergic reaction to food, grass or flea bites. They can be troublesome to heal and cause your pet to be quite uncomfortable. This all natural formula combines the power of aloe , Roman Chamomile floral water , magnesium oil and a carefully created essential oil synergy to soothe and calm while helping the skin to heal. Essential oils used in this product are dog friendly and at a safe 1% dilution rate.

Aloe Vera Juice - 30.00%

Witch Hazel (Alcohol Free) - 30.00%

Chamomile Hydrolat - 30.00%

Magnesium Oil - $0.03139 10.00%

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