Dog Food Lagoon Bowl Set - Large


Raise your best friend’s dining experience with Highwave’s Dog Food Lagoon! Comes with a 72oz water bowl that acts as a lagoon around the porcelain food bowl. The lagoon creates a moat around your pet's food bowl making it so ants can't get in! The bamboo riser increases elevation for taller dogs, which is also good for digestion. 

  • Lead Free Porcelain
  • Keeps insects out of food
  • Elevated eating for taller pets
  • Includes Lagoon, Bowl, and Bamboo Stand
  • Water Bowl: 72 ounces || 2 3/4" tall
  • BPA free & lead free


Materials: Porcelain, bamboo
Large Food Bowl size: 32 ounces || 7" diameter & 3.5" tall

Care: Lagoon and Bowl are Dishwasher safe. Wipe Bamboo with Damp Cloth

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